Clinton and Warren Electrify Cincinnati

Clinton Warren 1

Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren                                                          (Sam Green / Cincinnati Enquirer)

Electricity: that intangible Clinton’s campaign has apparently lacked in the run up to the nomination, Trump seems to have in abundance.  Well,  at the Clinton rally in Union Terminal in Cincinnati on Monday, I can testify that there was plenty.  As  the Washington Post reports, “Her rally with Warren had a different feel. It easily was one of the most electric events of Clinton’s campaign.”


Together, Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton showed a remarkable chemistry.  The papers seemed to think Warren stole the show, but that might be in part because she was what was new.  Warren was the attack dog.  Clinton delivered the substance, and a few effective jabs at Trump as well.

Warren is being vetted as a potential running mate. There are practical considerations that suggest this might not be the wisest choice.  Several people I have spoken with think that the American voter might balk at seeing two women on the ticket.  And there is the precious Senate seat:  electing Warren to the Vice Presidency would give a Republican governor a chance to appoint the replacement.

However, the surest path to victory in November is with rallies like this one, rallies that can energize the grass roots campaigners, the get-out-the-vote efforts.  If Clinton can generate the same enthusiasm with someone else, I am all for it.  But I saw an effective campaign partnership, and I would hate to see it broken up.

Cinton Warren Crowd

(Melina Mara / The Washington Post)

Clinton Warren me

That’s me behind the baby.  You can see my right hand sticking up behind his ear and my left eye, well covered by sunglasses.  (Melina Mara/The Washington Post)


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