The Donald Still Dominates



Even after banning half of the press from covering his rallies, Trump still takes up all the oxygen in the room.  It seems we just can’t get enough of this horror show.

For example, on Thursday (6/23) morning, on the Washington Post Opinions web page, almost half of the articles named Trump in the title.  The “Load More” added more essays, again about half were on Trump.




Clinton was not mentioned until you got down to “The Post’s View:” “Hillary Clinton offers a welcome concession to reality ”.  This was an analysis of her address on economic policy.  Hillary said things like “it takes a plan.”  She seems to actually have one.  The Post commented that her assessment of the economy “has the advantage of being true.”  It sounded like a relatively boring speech devoted to what actually needs to get done in order to govern well. It’s not going to win many hearts.

Of course, the article on Clinton’s policy statement also talks about Trump, who had just delivered a blistering attack, just what his supporters were hoping for: exciting, direct, forceful, and on message.  It was also mostly fictional.  The AP used a dozen fact checkers to keep up with all the distortions and out-right lies.  Trump knows how to push the emotional buttons, and those buttons are a lot easier to push if you not tethered to reality.

Realpolitik lies at the heart of Clinton’s appeal, but this is reality television.   Whatever Clinton says, she cannot turn up the volume loud enough to be heard, unless, of course, she starts making stuff up the way Trump does.  She is reasonable, compassionate, competent, and able to explain coherent policies in complete sentences. But these are simply boring when placed beside the ranting Donald.

Can reason win?  It’s possible, but Americans vote with their hearts.

Except on Fox News, the press coverage of Trump is more profoundly, uniformly negative than for any major political candidate in memory.  But bad news attracts our attention, and all eyes are on the Donald.  Clinton might be the most qualified candidate for president that we have had in decades, but most votes will be for or against that other guy.

Like it or not, this election is all about Donald Trump.



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