We’re Moving


Iris HomeChestnut View

We are moving — from our home in Kennedy Heights, within the city limits but quite suburban,  to a townhouse in the Betts-Longworth district in downtown Cincinnati.

Yesterday, it became real — they moved the piano.  At the recommendation of Don Gibbs, the man who rebuilt our old Baldwin, we contacted A1 Piano Movers.  When we described the piano over the phone, the owner said “Sounds like a Baldwin L.”  Much better than the “Oh, we move baby grands all the time” that we got from the furniture movers – 6 ft. grands are not usually called “baby”.

2016-02-29 Piano Leaving

Mike, Kurt, and Greg

2016-02-29 Piano tilted

Believe me, it’s at times like these when you ant to have confidence that these people know what they’re doing around your precious piano.


2016-02-29 Piano at new home

Safe in our new home

Of course, I will miss seeing the deer wander through my back yard, but I won’t miss finding the half eaten tomato on the ground, or putting fences around all of my trees to protect them from hungry browsers.  Instead of a lawn that takes an hour to mow, we will have a tiny raised garden, perhaps just large enough to provide the little bit of puttering that I would actually enjoy.

2016-02-20 Balcony

View from the balcony

A week ago on Saturday, we got a taste of what our life might be like in our new home.  After doing a few chores, we went onto our balcony to enjoy the spring-like weather.  Then as evening approached, we walked over to the entertainment district four blocks away, noting the difference in the people enjoying the weather on the south edge of the recently renovated Washington Park, who were poor and black, from the young professionals crowding the bars and restaurants one block away where we enjoyed a good beer and a yuppie pizza.

Later that evening, we walked to Music Hall, where we attended the orchestra concert.  The trek from our front door to our seats in the gallery took about 10 minutes.  The first piece on the program: The Unanswered Question by Charles Ives, perfect for starting a new phase in our lives.


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