A New Kind of Smart

Diamond and Silk w Trump
I’m, like, a really smart person,” proclaims the Donald.

And smart people, though they are probably not as smart as the Donald himself, love him.  “I have standing ovations from very smart people. These are intelligent people, these are great citizens.”  Here is a video of two prominent supporters, Diamond and Silk, displaying their vast wisdom.  (No, this is not a Saturday Night Live skit.)

Meanwhile, this country is being run by “very, very stupid people”, referring Obama in particular, but more generally to everyone in power, the press, and anyone else who opposes the Donald.

Obviously, the Donald is using more modern, up-to-date definitions of these old fashioned words than most of us:

.    adjective \ˈsmärt\
.    1. having essence of the Donald.
.    2. wanting to have essence of the Donald.
.    Synonyms
.              trumpish

.    adjective stu·pid \ˈstü-pəd\
.    1. unlike the Donald.
.    2. not wanting to be anything like the Donald.
.    Synonyms
.             obamish

To be fair, the Donald has other words as well for his opponents:  “losers”, “weak”, “clowns”, etc..  Being a skilled entertainer, he is able to keep coming up something just different and outrageous enough to grab the headlines.  And this is where his true genius lies: he treats the election as a new kind of reality TV, a format that craves celebrity and drama, both of which he supplies in abundance.  Here, entertainment, especially attention grabbing extravagance, dominates; actual facts and in-depth analysis are boringly irrelevant.  In the words of one of his (presumably very trumpish) supporters:

At some level, I don’t really care how things go with America as long as it’s fun to watch.”

Enemy is UsBeing obamish myself, caring very much how things go with America, I’m becoming frightened.  ISIS, the latest incarnation of that murderous terror, is on the other side of the globe; the Donald and his apparently loyal minions are right here and inching ever closer to real power.


2 thoughts on “A New Kind of Smart

  1. I’m more worried about Cruz and Rubio. Trump leads such a circus that these guys are sliding through the primaries without having much attention given to how absurd and dangerous their ideas are. I doubt Trump will be president, but Cruz could easily be president, with a Republican House, a Republican Senate, and mostly Republican governors and state legislatures.

    It is tempting to feel smug about the “disarray” of the Republican party, but they’re fighting each other because the Democrats are no longer a credible threat.


    • I agree that Cruz is even more terrifying than Trump. I suspect Rubio is a little less so, but that might be because I know less about him. One of the problems with Trump is that he makes Cruz look sane and rational.


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