White Wedding in Itsoseng: Contents

Santeri and Tsholofelo

Santeri and Tsholofelo

This is a wrapping for the series of posts on the celebration of the wedding of Santeri and Tsholofelo, which occurred in Itsoseng South Africa, following Tswana customs. I am aware that not everyone will want to wade through 11 chapters, however fascinating I think they are.  So I am providing a table of contents, with commentary so you can sample as you see fit.  The posts are roughly chronological, but do not need to be read in any particular order.

If you want to read just a couple, I suggest the Magadi and the Community.  The best pictures are of the Feast.

#1: Intro
#2: Arrival
Our introduction to African Time
#3: Life in the Township
Itsoseng 20 years after the end of Apartheid
#4: The Magadi
Negotiating the bride price.
#5: Slaughtering Lambs
Lots of pictures.  Not for vegetarians.
#6: Buying Cow and Ox
Mostly text, vegetarian safe.

[At this point, the series is interrupted by concert reviews of the Music Now Festival]

#7: Brewing Beer
A Tswana tradition, pictures with a little text.
#8: The Community
Preparing for the Feast.
#9: The Ceremony
The Christian wedding. Lots of pictures.
#10: The Feast
The main event. Lots of pictures, some video.
#11: Epilogue
Kerileng’s birthday celebration, and Final thoughts.

I wish to thank Mike Potticary, for all of the work he did in arranging our trip, and for many of the  photographs that I used in this blog.  In addition, my wife Footie (her web site) provided photographs, videos, and several details that I would not have been able to describe accurately without her help.

Footie and I both wish to thank Sioto and Kerileng Molale for hosting the entire celebration, and Metsiatsile Dinanas Mutloane for inviting us into her home.  Finally, we offer our profound gratitude to Santeri and Tsholofelo, for deciding that such an event would be important, and giving us the opportunity to participate.


2 thoughts on “White Wedding in Itsoseng: Contents

  1. Thanks for shaing JP. I like what I’ve read so far (Intro, Arrival, Feast, Epilogue). It’s nice to sift through the moments and memories again, especially now that it’s warming up again here … it just feels like a continuation of a long summer.

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